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Articles about technology

Does the web confuse you? Software development leave you in a tizzy? All those acronyms and long words are pretty fancy, but what's the truth behind it? Here are articles to help you understand what technology is about, and how you can get the best from it.

What we do: the basics

Yorkshire Twist offers no-nonsense, jargon free web development and consultancy. If you need help delivering your technology project, want consultancy on how to enhance the systems which run your business, or need a nice nerd to bolster your team, we're here for you.

What roles are involved in software development?

Developing a piece of software can involve a lot of different people. We explain who's involved in software development and why all those roles are useful.

How much does a website cost?

So you're looking for someone to build you a website, but how much will it cost? This article will give you the information you need to make good, informed decisions about your budget.

Building resilient websites

A presentation for those involved in the building of websites: a data-informed dive into how websites can fail when encountering unexpected conditions, and what we can do to make them more resilient.