All about Chris Taylor | Yorkshire Twist

Meet the team

With 20 years experience building websites and online systems we can probably help you with almost anything that happens on the web.

Why ‘Yorkshire Twist’?

A lot of technical people will baffle you with jargon and geek-speak. Not us. We always try to explain nerdy stuff in a way that normal humans can understand. That's the Yorkshire Twist way: straight talk, no waffle.

Our experience

For over 20 years the team at Yorkshire Twist has been building websites and other online systems. From simple marketing and e-commerce websites to large intranets and business management systems, we've pretty much seen it all. We have commercial experience at all levels; from senior developer to managing teams solution architecture.

Here's a selection of the industries and types of clients we've worked with:

  • Financial services companies
  • Charitable organisations
  • Airline industry
  • Software start-ups
  • Small family-run businesses
  • Government departments

If you want to see more examples of what we can do please take a look at the slightly technical services page, or look below for some specific examples of our work. Of course if there's anything more you'd like to know please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Some examples of our work

Here are some examples of systems and websites we have worked on. Where possible I've included screenshots of the systems at the time.

cap hpi Automotive

During long-term engagement with cap hpi we assisted them in planning and executing a large-scale strategic move to modernise their systems.

This included designing and delivering systems to assist in making a UK-based business ready to trade world-wide, and also re-architecting the platform on which their applications run to make it more flexible and increase performance.

As part of our work we also led the 'hearts and minds' project to educate a large development team about the changes, creating documentation to help developers, designers, testers, and the business owners understand how the system works.

Provident Financial Financial Services

Provident required a re-architecting of their online loan platform, Satsuma Loans. We led the architecture and implementation of this system, which included ground-up redevelopment. In particular we delivered:

  • A new platform on which to build online multi-page forms
  • New services to support and manage customer data
  • New integrations with 3rd party systems
  • A new support tool providing a complete picture of customers' accounts

Childrens' Food Trust and Let's Get Cooking Charity

Screenshot of the Childrens' Food Trust website Screenshot of the Let's Get Cooking website

We led the development of these two websites, working closely with designer Mel Jennings and the team of developers. This project involved very close collaboration with the client through the planning and development phases including content architecture, design proposals and development of a custom content management system.

A very powerful administration system was developed by the team to allow the client to manage the site, along with integration with their Microsoft Dynamics customer relationship system. We also led the development of a data migration tool that could move thousands of user records from their old system to the new website.

This project also involved large amounts of integration with a Microsoft CRM system which provided much of the content on the sites. Airline

Screenshot of the website

Working with the development team we assisted with re-development of several parts of the sales system. In particular we led the development of a new travel insurance sales system, and enhancing the system which send emails to customers.

Other work with Jet2 involved redeveloping fundamental parts of their online sales system using modern web development techniques.

Garage Bikes Small Business

Screenshot of the Garage Bikes website

This project for a local bicycle shop involved development of a large-scale custom WordPress plugin to manage their workshop. This includes tablet-enabled screens so mechanics can easily update the status of the jobs they are working on, and a system to automatically send a text message to the customer to tell them work on their bike has been completed.

Judicial Office Public Sector

The Judicial Office has wide-ranging responsibilities which required a large-scale website. We led the team which built online systems to help manage and distribute highly sensitive data, and also integrate with an online learning system.

Chartered Institute of Taxation Professional Body

We were involved in development of several enhancements to the Chartered Institute of Taxation website, particularly online interaction with students through registration forms.