How we can help you with technology | Yorkshire Twist

What we do: the basics

We offer no-nonsense, jargon free web development and consultancy. If you need help delivering your technology project, want consultancy on how to enhance the systems which run your business, or need a nice nerd to bolster your team, we're here for you.

20 years experience

We've been involved in building websites, online and back-office systems for all kinds of organisations — from charities to airlines; from e-commerce to financial services.


Whether you're an old hand at software development, or you're just starting out, we have the experience and expertise to help you get the best from technology.

Consultancy is a wide-ranging word, but it boils down to making sure you get answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. We have 20 years experience helping clients of every shape and size make their technology systems work for them, and that wealth of knowledge can help you.

Here are a few ideas of the kind of things we can provide consultancy services for:

  • Why do I have performance problems with my systems?
  • How do I modernise my systems to make them work on mobile phones and tablets?
  • What technology solution should I use for a particular problem?
  • How do I use my technology systems better?

We can help with all these kind of questions and much more. Just get in touch for more information.


Websites run on code, and that code has to be written by someone. If the thought of programming computers makes you break out in a cold sweat, don't worry — Yorkshire Twist are here to carry that burden.

Over the last 15 years I've got pretty darn good at many of the leading technologies (and tinkered with a lot more) so it's likely that whatever your needs I can fettle a solution that's perfect for you.

Here are some of the things I'm absolutely fine using (warning: acronyms ahead):

  • HTML, including the new shiny HTML5 stuff
  • CSS including CSS3 and the new-fangled responsive design thing that makes websites work (like this one does) on mobile phones and tablets
  • JavaScript, from jQuery to modern advanced libraries such as AngularJS (although I'm also perfectly happy writing custom JavaScript as well)
  • ASP.Net, in both Web Forms and MVC flavours
  • PHP including MVC frameworks and object-oriented development
  • Content management systems such as WordPress, Sitefinity and more
  • Customer relationship management system integration including Microsoft Dynamics and CARE CRM
  • Databases including Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
  • Desktop app development, including cross-platform technologies

Phew, what a lot of letters! If this list didn't make sense to you then here's the lowdown: I can do the front end (the bit visitors see and click) as well as the backend (where the information gets saved and the clever stuff happens).

If logos are more your thing here's some of the technologies I have under my belt:

Larger projects

If you have larger projects in mind then I can handle those, too. Over the last ten years I've held senior developer positions, acted as development team manager, and worked in teams of different sizes on a huge range of projects. I know how to manage projects to keep them on track, and how to coordinate teams of developers and designers to get a great end result.

Perhaps you've got your own technical team already and need someone with a lot of industry experience (and who speaks the lingo) to help them produce great results. If so then that sounds just perfect for me. Or maybe you're starting from scratch and need someone who can put together a team of professional technologists and ensure that your project gets delivered. Again, that's something I'd love to help with.

I also have a lot of commercial experience in enterprises, and I'm a certified Microsoft developer. Here are a few logos that may ring a bell for you:


I'll be honest: I'm not a good designer. Doing the high-level technological architecture and writing code is more my style. That's why I've developed relationships with a number of great local designers, so they can do the pretty stuff while I deal with the techy bits.

Here are some of the designers and front-end developers I am privileged to have worked with in the past:

If you need a website that will win design awards these are the people to talk to. And me, of course.