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Start a project

So you're thinking of starting a project - maybe a website or a fancy ‘web applications’. Fill in the simple form below with some details and I'll try to help.

No idea what you want?

No problem, this web stuff can get complicated. Luckily we specialise in making it as simple as possible. Just fill in all the the bits you can and I'll contact you.

Step 1: Roughly what kind of project do you have in mind?

Sometimes people approach me with a very specific idea of what they want, but if you don't know then I'd love to help you figure it out.

Step 2: How do you want me to help?

See what I can do here, from writing the code to training and project management.

Step 3: Do you have any idea of budget?

Gauging how much a website will cost is tricky if I don't have a lot of detail about exactly what you want. There are, to put it mildly, loads of options. As a rough guide a website costs about as much as a car; for more information see this article on how much a website costs.

Step 4: Your contact details

You need to enter your email address or phone number (or both) or I won't be able to get back in touch!